This tutorial begins with basics and covers advanced topics and frequently used features of C++11/14. It consists of eight sessions, each session is about two hours. After each session you will receive assignments to practice. You will be assigned to develop a project of your interest in concurrent (multi-threaded) mode.

Interested to practice C++11/14 on a one to one basis or in groups, in person or using interactive WebEx, all are possible, contact me at “pattabhi@numericalsolution.co.uk”

One thought on “C++11/14

  1. Ganesh Fiusco

    I am very pleased with the tuition I have been receiving . The lessons where well structured , the book and presentation provide a broken down and easy to understand approach to C++. The tutor was friendly , had good teaching methods and was enthusiasm about the subject . I would strongly recommend this service to anyone who would like to learn C++ regardless of experience level.

    The reason why I wanted the tutorials was to help me prepare for my C++ exam (degree level). I recently completed the exam and felt I done well , without the tutorials I wouldn’t have felt that way.

    Ganesh F Fiusco


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