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C++ is a computer programming language. It is known for its unbeatable performance. It has been used in developing computer and mobile operating systems, running search engines (Google), probing the planet Mars, operating premier cars, analyzing sub-nuclear data, financial trading at high-frequency, high-end gaming and so many applications. Three decades ago, it began its journey as C-language with classes now it is releasing its fourth edition called C++14.

Learning C++ is a great advantage if you wish to use computer beyond word-editor and web access. However, learning C++ is relatively tougher than learning other computer languages. Therefore, this company made an effort to provide an easy to learn C++ book. It is called, “C++ :: Concise programs from basics to high performance computing”


Description of the book:

This book begins with a reverse engineering approach for effective learning. Therefore, it highlights the fundamental structure of C++ programming in Chapter 0. Then it describes the structure along with the key concept of C++ in Chapters 1-4.

After this introduction to C++, in Chapter 5 it overviews the C++ Standard Library facilities, which are the major advantages of C++. Then in Chapter 6, it outlines the error reduction procedures. In Chapter 7, it presents some fundamentals of file management.

Finally, in Chapter 8 this book ends with exploring multi-threading programming for high performance computation using Monte Carlo simulations. There it evaluates performance of a Standard Library facility and proposes a request to the C++ Standards Committee for an improvement in that facility.

In summary, this book aims to present the fundamentals and selected popular features in an easily digestible approach.

• incorporates awesome features of the latest developments in C++;
• begins with the fundamentals of C++;
• ends with high performance programming;
• concise and easy to understand;
• illustrates each point with a working code;
• asks questions as a milestone of progress and provides the answers.
• consists of compatible codes that run in VC++ ( Windows) , Xcode (Mac) and GCC (Linux).

• at a few points it may appear as abstract; and
• a few codes are lengthy.

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Soft copy of programs
For an effective use of this book, the readers are advised to download and practice a soft copy of the programs that are presented in the book. The soft copy file can be downloaded from the link:
Programs in C++ :: concise programs.

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